Katie Holmes Might Be Facing Severe Monetary Issues At This Point after her breakup with Jamie Foxx.

It seems like when celebs can sometimes face financial constraint as well. While they enjoy all the extravaganza in life, sometimes even they face issues and goes through money problems. Let us take a look.


Is Actress Katie Holmes Going Through Severe Financial Constraints?

Apparently, actress Katie Holmes is going through a hard time and facing major monetary problems. She is looking for jobs and is a desperate need for money. Even an insider source has revealed that due to the whole money problem she is forced to accept humiliating gigs as well.


Moreover, while Katie Holmes was proud of the fact that she did not demand a huge lump sum amount from ex-husband Tom Cruise, the current situation might have been a bit too harsh on the actress. She is not getting many films or show offers and is running pretty low on cash right now.

The Rumor Of Katie Holmes Being Broke Is Doing Round The Corner.

While the whole thing is more of a rumor at this point and no reliable evidence has come up proving the whole rumor at this point. While this whole news can also be more of a ruse as well. However, the actress has not honestly opened up about it as of yet!


A few months ago the actress made headlines for her ongoing romance Rumors with Jamie Foxx.  However the while dating rumor frizzle out soon with fans assuming that the couple might not be together anymore. However,  this new piece of information has come off as a bit of a shock for fans . A celebrity like Katie Holmes being broke is a bit hard to believe for fans it seems!