Alita: Battle Angel- The sequel might come soon with Rosa Salazar and the fans are excited!

Based on the manga series and the ending of the first movie, a sequel can very well happen

Alita: Battle Angel is the movie adaptation of a popular Japanese manga named Gunnm, and it had been a dream of James Cameron who was working on it from 2000. When the dream finally came into fruition, Cameron handed the reigns over to his close friend Robert Rodriguez, who has dabbled in sci-fi for a long time and has done some remarkable movies in the past. He roped in Rosa Salazar for the title character Alita, and used mo-cap on her to turn her into an anime-eyed war machine.

Read on to see the future of the movie.

The Disney-Fox merger

Disney buying Fox studios has been in the news for some years now. Disney will be purchasing all of Fox’s movie and TV assets, and some prominent franchises will be going over to them in the process. For example, there’s a high chance of seeing the X-Men and Deadpool entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with the Fantastic Four. Similarly, Alita will be part of Disney now and if they decide to go ahead with the sequel, we will be getting some major changes.

Keep in mind, Disney can very well dismiss the idea of a sequel, given Alita: Battle Angel‘s poor performance in the United States, and high success in China. Disney currently has a lot of projects to dabble in, and one of the sole hopes of Alita getting a sequel is its connection with James Cameron, who will be delivering the sequels to Avatar in the coming years. Everything will depend on the success of these movies, and the success of Disney henceforth.

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