How to Get Away with Murder: Has ‘the Show Finally Got Renewed for Season 7?

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is a very famous series which was launched in 2014, and is a drama genre which has ran 6 seasons successfully and now the fans await for season 7 to launch. Apart from drama, it is also a very interesting, thriller and mystery series. It is available to stream on Netflix. 

Coming to season 7, even though it was almost very clear that season 6 was the final season, fans are still expecting season 7 to come.   What the latest news suggests is that as we all know season 6 ended with a bang, we should not expect a season 7 anymore. 

Right now, it’s not renewed for season 7, all we should remember right now is which is sad news but season 6 is the final season. Ending the show was a sad feeling for the producers as well. Deciding to end the series was a very cruel decision but of course, it had to end as it revealed the ultimate story which had to be told.

Credit: Netflix

The showrunner, Pete Nowaik felt it wasn’t the right decision as it happened very quickly,  and even though some episodes still required more shooting, still they somehow managed to release the whole series on time always. 

The producers feel there is not more to this series, everything has been very well explained. They feel really happy and blessed to have received so much love and support from the fans. It is all because of such love and enthusiasm, that they were able to have six successful seasons.  They stated to the fans- to not be sad, but happy instead because of watching such a series, fans can binge watch the series anytime on Netflix. 

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