Joel and Victoria Osteen are Not getting a Divorce – They are Happily Married and Deeply in Love with Each Other

One of the top 10 most fascinating people of 2006, Joel Osteen runs his father, John Osteen’s show which has nearly 10 million+ viewers only in the USA. He is known for preaching and is an author with over 7 books written by him which have been recognised by the New York Times as the best selling books.

He is married to Victoria, their marriage took place in 1987 and are blessed with three children. Victoria is a well educated and an earned woman, with her major in psychology and helped her mother run their business of jewellery. During those days, the two met, and in less than 2 years, they decided to marry each other. Like Joel, Victoria is an author of two books which got recognised by the NY Times as one of the best selling books.



The rumours resurfaced about the couple suffering differences and deciding to divorce. However, the news turned out to be pointless with no evidence. The couple has been opaque about their lives with the media, a good decision. When the rumours were taking shape in the industry they yet didn’t speak up about it publicly. After more than 30 years into their marriage, they have been living at peace and have found a space for solace in each other which is clear with their boding together, although there is no official comment on their relationship status yet, we mostly confirmed them to be untrue and only rumours with no foundation or explanations.


For now, what fans of the couple need to know is that their divorce news was nothing more than baseless. There is nothing to worry about the couple’s separation. They are a couple that can never be separated as the binding force of love keeps their relationship intact.