Heidi Klum claimed her crown for “Queen” of Halloween in her alien-meets-Frankenstein costume

Long back, way long back Heidi Klum has been crowned the Queen of Halloween for her funky and creative costume for the special day. And this year too, Heidi Klum has put on a costume so surreal and so amazing, and this of course was the best Halloween costume in 2019 so far.

At the Amazon Prime Book Store in the city of New York was the location where Heidi Klum has gotten herself ready for Halloween in front of a live audience.

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Heidi Klum, 46-year-old, has got prepped up for her 20th edition of Heidi Halloween costume party in front of a live audience. For everyone who could not go and watch it in person, Heidi Klum has shot the entire prep video and has posted it on her Instagram account for everyone to check it out.

Heidi Klum has revealed it to the People that it was going to take a long 10 hours for the prosthetics, wigs, make-up, over-the-top costume to be pieced together on her. She added that it was going to be even harder for her to manage herself in the costume.

To start the day for her long makeup, Heidi Klum has posted a fast-motion video showing around the set up for the video and captioned it that she was going to get ready all day and that people can drop and say hi to her anytime.
Heidi Klum has even a picture of her view from the makeup chair of the paparazzi and fans clicking and videotaping her from the other side of the room.

Heidi Klum has previously hinted that she was going to be covered in full-body prosthetics and has revealed that she has light yellow body paint on her legs and hands before she has put on the costume.

While Heidi Klum was busy in preparing for the surprise, her fans have made their bets on what the final look is going be, Frankenstein or a zombie.