Cardi B meets Cardi E and the bond has become so special that Cardi B gives Cardi E a few notes on dancing

Ellen DeGeneres on the eve of Halloween has gone full-on “Hustlers”. Halloween has people showing off all their creativity in one funky costume and they are often seen pulling out all stops for Halloween and this Ellen DeGeneres has put on a full show and all out there.

During her show that was aired on Halloween, Ellen DeGeneres has dressed as Cardi B but instead called herself Cardi E, where E stands for Ellen of course. While talking about her costume, she said that the costume was also her bra size. Ellen DeGeneres has completed her look with a long blonde hair wig and put on her outfit on a gigantic breastplate and black matching high heels.

To make her costume more clear to the audience, Ellen DeGeneres said that she was inspired by Cardi B’s role Diamond from the film Hustlers and revealed that there were a lot of interesting comparisons between the rapper and herself.

Ellen DeGeneres while talking about the common things said that Cardi B was a stripper in real life before she has joined the music industry. Ellen DeGeneres said that it was a pure coincidence because she was a stripper too before she has become a comedian and that she used to strip paint from houses.

As Ellen DeGeneres kept continuing her speech, Cardi B has walked onto the stage to help Ellen manage her new look. Cardi B before she has done anything firstly congratulated Cardi E on her fake breasts and told the host that hers were softer than hers and that she is going to be mad at her doctor.

As Ellen DeGeneres kept walking around the stage in her Cardi E outfit, Cardi B gave her a few personal lessons and few notes to keep in mind while dancing around.