Hardy Family Fued!!! Matt And Jeff Hardy’s Wives Have Made Twitter Their Wrestling Arena; And Neither of them looks like Giving Up anytime soon…

Jeff Hardy’s latest arrest brought feud in The Hardy Boyz family. Jeff was arrested for DWI, and driving on a revoked license. He was arrested on October 3, and also later revealed he fought with his wife Beth.

Matt Hardy, following the arrest, made a tweet saying he wanted to focus on his family and wishes his brother to stay happy & healthy.

The 42-year old wrestler’s wife, Beth Hardy was not happy with her brother-in-law’s tweet and replied:

As a result, Beth tweet rubbed Reby Hardy in all the wrong ways, making her give a response in a lengthy para saying her husband is free to pen down his thought online and Jeff is responsible for own his actions, which might also affect his business.

After that chain of tweets started from both the side, either directly pointing, or making separate tweets for each other.

Looks like the fight is not going to over soon. But it also does not look good to bring such WWE legends family-fight online.