Check Out Cardi B’s Massive New Tattoo that had been in the Works for Six Whole Months

The tattoo, which is a colorful explosion of flowers starts at the top of her back and goes all the way to her thigh

Earlier this week, we got to see a big surprise from singer/ actor Cardi B. as she showed off several flowers and a butterfly but the work had t been completed yet.

On Friday, she finally unveiled the whole thing and it was nothing short of beautiful. The flowers were huge and were vibrant with different colours. We could see a blue lotus, a red rose, a crushed rush, a fuchsia blossom with a butterfly on it, a deep orange sunflower, along with a wide array of smaller purple flowers that resembled irises.

The Art and The Artist

The work was completed this week and the 27-year-old rapper didn’t forget to mention the artist Schene of Union 3 Tattoo in California next to his art. Schene’s tattoo parlour is located in Southern California and the place is still pretty restricted as the state is strictly following Governor Gavin Newsom’s plans for gradually reopening the city due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi B has about ten other tattoos on her body, that we know of. This includes a big and colorful peacock that starts from her waist and derriere and goes till her thigh. In the previous year, she got her husband Offset’s name tattooed on her leg. Her husband got her name tattooed on his neck as a gesture of his love for her. He also has a Buttercup tattoo from the Powerpuff Girls situated above Cardi’s name.

The couple are parents to a daughter Kulture, who they welcomed on July 10, 2018. She is Cardi’s first and Offset’s fourth child.

Let’s see what tattoo the rapper will be getting next, shallow we?