In an Extremely Saddening News, the Famous Scarface Actor, ‘Geno Silva,’ is No More!

Geno Silva, a very famous actor who was known for his acting in Scarface, is not alive. He was born in the year 1948, and since then, he’s just shining and unstoppable. It is very sad news for his fans, especially scarface ones because he was the one who played Tony Montana’s killer and did remarkable acting.  He was the main character of the series, which makes him more remembered than any other one. 

 Not only In Scarface, but he also appeared in other series, very famous movies – Jurassic Park and Amistad, and whenever he appeared, he never disappointed anyone with his acting and always won hearts.  Not only big films but also made his appearance playing a small role in certain classics. 

                                   pic credits- winnonews

His death was very sudden and not expected, which disheartens the whole world. His current age was 72.   

Talking about his personality, he was an amazing human being and one of the most genuine souls. His death is a really big loss to the Hollywood industry. He was one of those actors who made sure to remain strong at tough times, passionate about his work and whatnot.  He was the proudest when he had his family around and loved them the most. 

                                                 pic credits – irishcinephile


How did we lose such a gem? 

He died at his home on 9th May in Los Angeles, due to a disease called frontotemporal degeneration, which is a type of dementia or memory loss.  It is a kind of brain disorder, also called Pick’s disease.  In this disease, you start losing your nerve cells in the frontal and temporal lobes of one’s brain. His mind became so complicated and difficult to handle that he could not survive and left us.