Fan of “Mean Girls”? Treat yourself with “Mean Girls” themed restaurant and “Mean Girls” themed food!!

Fans are now blessed to enjoy the “Just Stab Caesar Salad” while the sport pink dresses at the unofficial “Mean Girls” eatery.

This photo op-driven eatery is titled “Fetch” and is a store for the fans of 2004 cult high school comedy “Mean Girls,” written by Tina Fey.

Fans who want to attend and visit will have to pay about $45 for a 90-minute time-based course, and the slot will be allotted to everyone as they will be served a three-course meal. This “Mean Girls” themed restaurant is going to be open on the dates 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th of November. The restaurant capacity is about 100 people at every slot, and a total of 3,600 fans can thoroughly experience the themed restaurant.

Fan of "Mean Girls"? Treat yourself with "Mean Girls" themed restaurant and "Mean Girls" themed food!! 1
Image: The Hollywood Reporter

Among many other options, fans can choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The other options include Whatever Cheese Fries along with pink cheese sauce, Pusher Pizza, Coach’s Hot Dog with pink coleslaw, Just Stab Caesar Salad with pink dressing, and Bitch Burger along with pink coleslaw.

However, the food and the menus of cocktails are still under development, but a bar with “Mean Girls” drinks will be made available for sale and drinks named “She Asked Me How To Spell Orange Twist” will be served alongside vodka and drinks in reference to Toaster Strudels and Swedish Fish are still in development.

Creative Director and Founder of Rixton, Sarelyn Radecke, piped that there have been a lot of viral events taking place these days and added that there always a new event popping up every month or so.

Opening up Broadway in 2018, Fetch comes as a “Mean Girls” musical, and Paramount Network International has held the “Mean Girls: The Movie and More” event in London back in June.

This year, Mean Girls actor Aaron Samuels has debuted punny wines alongside with Nocking Point Wines.