A “Heartbroken” man from North Carolina has set the meaning to the word “Marriage” and the world is cheering him on!!

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A heartbroken husband, Kevin Howard, has discovered that his wife has been having an affair with one of her so-called friends. Kevin Howard and his wife have been married for over 12 years when he has discovered that his wife was cheating on him.

Kevin Howard was successful in suing his 12 years wife’s lover for a whopping £750,000 by using one of the old “homewrecker” laws.

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Kevin Howard was from North Carolina, U.S.A., and he did not give him a second chance as he went on to use the old law titled “alienation of affection” to sue the man with whom his now ex-wife has cheated on.

The so-named “homewrecker” law allows a spouse to sue a person for intentionally interfering with their marital relationship and for wooing their married partner away from them.

Kevin Howard has revealed that he desperately wanted to pursue his claim to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

Kevin Howard is now divorced and reflected that his marriage has started showing signs of trouble after 12 years and has prompted him to attend marriage counseling along with his wife.

Kevin Howard has said that he felt something was off with his relationship with his wife ad, so he ended up hiring a private detective to check if his wife was cheating on him.

CNN reports state that Kevin Howard has discovered that his wife was indeed cheating on him and was having an affair from one of her colleagues from work who has visited their home several times on the occasion of dinner.
Kevin Howard added that he spent a considerable amount of tie with him and that he thought that the guy was a friend.

Kevin Howard said that discovery the truth was harsher than he thought. He described that he felt like someone has called him up and has informed him that one of his family members has passed away tragically and suddenly.