‘Evil Dead Rise’ Creepy First Look Images Shared by Bruce Campbell

A high rise of horrors

It’s Halloween, and we have received plenty of spooky flicks. However, there is also something really scary to look forward to for next year. One of them will be Evil Dead Rise, the latest addition to the long-running Evil Dead franchise. The first look images were shared by Bruce Campbell, the original star of the movies and current producer of the reboots. Let’s take a look at what we have received.

Evil Dead Rise First Look

Evil Dead Rise

One of the images is extremely disturbing – a female Deadite staring through an apartment peephole with a sinister smile. Both the Deadite and the peephole are bloody, and Campbell captioned it, “Trick or treat, Deadites. Here is the first peek at Evil Dead Rise – in theaters April 21.” The movie joins the list that includes The Nun 2, Knock at the Cabin, and the upcoming Scream sequel.

Storywise, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding Evil Dead Rise. But one noticeable clue is that one of the images shared is of Alyssa Sutherland, who plays Ellie, the older sister of the protagonist Beth, played by Lilly Sullivan. Ellie is the mother of three children and it’s said that the two sisters have to survive a “twisted version of motherhood” at Beth’s L.A. apartment. Coming to the Deadite, she does look eerily similar to Ellie, meaning the Necronomicon that is plaguing the two sisters has seemingly captured Ellie’s soul.

The Franchise’s Success

Evil Dead Rise

The franchise debuted in 1981 and has enjoyed a lot of success as a horror comedy with plenty of gore. However, its 2013 reboot made it entirely focused on horror and gore without the comedy. But it succeeded and is still considered to be one of the scariest films ever. And now, both Campbell and director Sam Raimi are on board the new movie that will be directed by Lee Cronin.

Evil Dead Rise releases worldwide on April 21, 2023.