Morgan Freeman is Set to join cast of spinoff series ‘Lucy’

Morgan Freeman to Join the cast of Lucy spin-off series

Morgan Freeman is an American actor, director and narrator. Morgan is well known in the industry for his deep voice and various other wide variety and category of movies. He is a multi award winning star who has been working for five decades in the industry.

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Everyone knows Lucy as a movie which has Scarlett Johnson as a star. She plays the role of a woman who unlocks her full brain potential after she consumes a powerful drug. This drug results into her turning into a superwoman who has the ability to almost disintegrate too. She starred in this 2014 film which is a sci-fi film.

Morgan Freeman in Original Lucy

Morgan Freeman has appeared in the film as Professor Samuel Norman. Here, Norman is a researcher whose work helps Lucy to understand about her won rapid advancement. He works on a project and conducts research on a theory that has been debunked in real life. There are not any further details about the spin off series and its plot but Morgan is all ready to star the show.

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There are still no parents for this announcement . Fans are waiting for more details about the show. It is shown that the director of the show has not been decided yet but the film his expecting updates in the coming. There are not further details but the project is being taken forward by EuropaCorp and Village Roadshow.

Lucy has a story line is of a young woman whose boyfriend tricks her in making her consume an illicit drug. This drug gets absorbed in her blood and the story progresses where she struggles going further returning back to normal from her drug reaction. She slowly unlocks her 100% brain capacity.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the film details to come further.