Empire of Sin: The gangster simulation is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Paradox has officially announced that their game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC on March 18

Xbox Game Pass seems to be receiving even more content this month, as the latest addition to it is going to be Empire of Sin, which is arriving next week. The game is a simulation/strategy that takes place during the prohibition era, and offers a gangster-like experience of XCOM.

What’s the game about?

Paradox Interactive

Our objective in Empire of Sin is to become the top gangster in Chicago, and that objective can be achieved in a number of ways. Since our character will be a crook, we don’t need to play by anyone’s rules. This means murder is always an option. But we can opt for diplomatic and economic approaches as well to overcome sticky situations. We get to play as legendary gangsters from that period, each with their own special abilities and attributes that can earn our victory.

The game received criticism as a lot of bugs were present at the time of launch, but many of them were rectified in the patches that came out since then.

The March lineup

Paradox Interactive

March is a great time to get an Xbox Game Pass subscription as 20 Bethesda/id games were added earlier this week. The games include Doom, Fallout, and the Elder Scrolls series.

Empire of Sin will be available on PC as well, but the cloud version is not present for the time being, as the developers are still obtaining feedback from the players and working on the new patches. The game is also going to receive DLC content in the future.

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