Justine Bieber and Kids’ Choice Awards’ Stage lives in Cheek By Jowl– The Singer Made Fabulous Return

Justine Bieber has return with an excellent performance on the stage of Kid’s Choice Awards. Performing his hit songs like “Intention,” the 27 year old pop star was successful in shaking the stage. While Bieber was performing for “Intensions,” Migos rapper Quavo joined him vis-à-vis. Justin also delivered his latest singles “Hold On” and “Anyone.”

Justin was not only performing his singles but also won numerous awards. He won the award in two categories. Favorite male artist and favorite music collaboration are those categories that Bieber won. “Stuck With You” helped Justin wining the 2nd category. He made this song along with Ariana Grande. This song was made during COVID-19 and fans consider it one of the most mode relieving song at that time.

Bieber in Feb revealed that he would be performing at the Kids’ Choice Awards

It was Justin’s first show and so he feels very much overwhelm while revealing that he is returning to the show again. He said last month that this year the show may look a bit different, but  there will be no shortage of smiles. And Look!! he has proved it in the show.

Credit: Twitter

Justin was one of the top favourite singer of the show. He was nominated for five categories– favorite male artist, favorite song and three for favorite music collaboration. This function was supposed be held last year but COVID-19 made it impossible and thus the show was postponed. Bieber, also won many awards in 2019 auction. His last performance at the show was in 2010.

Hailey feel blissful while presenting her husband

On Friday, that is few days ago from the show, Bieber’s wife revealed that she is looking forward to present Justin. She seemed very excited to get back to previous new normal after so many days. She further added that presenting at a show which you have been watching since you were kid is kind of coo.

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