Eminem was questioned by Secret Service for his song ‘Framed’! Was that even needed??

Eminem is one of the most influential contemporary rappers. So, it is valid that he would present his views in his songs. Indeed, his views got him in trouble. The American rapper was involved in an interview regarding his blunt views.

The songs “Framed” that started it all!

The rapper’s album in 2017, Revival, had some ‘offending’ lyrics. The song Framed describes Trump in inappropriate content. Mainly, the threat to first daughter Ivanka Trump prompted his questioning by Secret Service. The famous personality penned that Ivanka Trump was in his car’s trunk. 

Certainly, the lyrics also referred to murder. But it is seen as a creative license.

Though a TMZ employee sent a concerned letter to the Secret Service, the unnamed employee expressed concern for the security of Ivanka Trump. Obviously, it seems like they wanted the agency to take some steps to curb this ‘threat.’

Then, in 2018, he tweeted his new album, Kamikaze. However, the lead track The Ringer signaled towards something shocking. It enunciated that the rapper was taken to questioning by Secret Service. The questioning was in regards to him possessing a threat against Trump and his family. Also, the lyrics referred that the secret service wanted to know if he had any terrorist links. 

The question asked to Eminem revealed in a new report!

Further, this created an uproar on social media as people became aware that the lyrics that a grain of truth. Surely, it was inspired by Eminem’s own experience.

Eminem is a staunch critic of Trump. And he has not shied away from expressing his opposing views. But it has got him in trouble.

At that time, the Secret Service denied any comments on the matter. Since they could not address any investigation, it was convenient for them to deny any statement.

So a Freedom of Information Act requests with the Secret Service to know if the above speculations were actually true. Did the agents approach Eminem based on a song?

However, this week, the request was heeded. A 40-page document was released regarding the request. It revealed that a meeting between Eminem and the Secret Service took place. It was in regards to enquire about Eminem’s threatening lyrics. The agents believed that the rapper’s inappropriate behavior in Framed is a threat to the security of the protectee.

Also, the concerns were addressed by only the TMZ employee and no other. Moreover, the concerns were directed the same day as TMZ published Eminem’s criticism of Trump.

Still, it is not the first time that Eminem has opposed Trump. From the onset of Trump’s administration, he has joined the bandwagon of the opposers of the President.