Ed Sheeran Talks About His Suffering In The Music Industry Because Of Being “Unfit”.

Ed Sheeran, the Grammy-winning musician reveals losing more than 50 pounds after being trolled. He said he didn’t appear in his starting videos because he didn’t like the way he looked. The singer spoke about his magnificent transformation because of pubic pressure to look alike other celebrities in an episode of the British podcast ‘Behind the Medal’.

The singer got most of his fame from his song, “Shape of You”. More than 4.5 Billion people viewed the single track on YouTube. Sheeran, 28, spoke about being trolled whenever he had some big moments. Words like ‘chunky’ or ‘fat’ were used to describe him.

Although he started a career at the same age as Justin Bieber and One Direction band members his unfit physique always overshadowed his success. While he is on a tour, he eats too much and does no exercise. This makes him unhealthy. Trying to compensate this all with extreme diets trims down him too skinny.

At first, he ate too much and became fat. And then he tried to be shed down his skin. He added that the image expectations for a famous person are too weird. According to him, he never thought much about it until people started noticing him.

After this happened, he thought of achieving balance in his life. He found himself in an ideal condition after he lost about 55 pounds. Another factor that helped him in improving was quitting smoking. He quitted smoking three years ago.

It may have not given him an ideal physique or a six-packed body. But now he gives time to exercise and eats and drinks whatever he likes to. Recently, he added a new video on his YouTube channel, ‘Put It All on Me’. He dedicated this video to his wife, Cherry Seaborn. It is the first time the couple has shared the screen.