Kevin Spacey shares a beautiful Christmas message with all his fans in Frank Underwood’s accent. Read on to watch the message video.

Kevin Spacey posted a holiday message for his all fans on this Christmas eve. Read on to know more about his message.

Kevin Spacey posts ominous Christmas video on YouTube

On Tuesday, the actor posted a one-minute long video YouTube. And once again, he seemingly adopts the southern accent of his former House of cards character, the villainous Frank Underwood.

The 60-year-old actor said while sitting in front of a fireplace, “Are you guys didn’t really think that I was gonna miss the opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas, did you?”

He also said that he’s blessed to have his health recovery, and almost had good things during this year. He’s also done with making some of the changes in my life, and he would like to invite us to join him.

He continued saying that, “As we all are moving ahead towards the new year 2020, I want to give my vote for better in the World. Do you guys think about that how can I be saying this serious statement. But trust me, it’s not hard.”

“I would advise you not to attack anyone who is doing something wrong with you, do something unexpected to them. You can kill them with your kindness and patience, and he finished his video saying this.

Watch the full video here.