“DNR is Stupid for banning baiting”: Ted Nugent.


Ted Nugent lent, the Michigan-born musician is the voice and support for the upcoming campaign for the prohibition of baiting in deer and elk hunting seasons. He wants to overcome the law and is planning to have a Michigan Legislature."DNR is Stupid for banning baiting": Ted Nugent. 7 The rule commenced in the year 2019, which included the order of the Department of Natural Resources claimed the reason that it would also help in eliminating the spread of diseases like neurological disorder chronic wasting disease. The spokesperson for the DNR, El Golder that the agency is not in support of the bill passed against the baiting of deer and elks and instead wants to keep it from the rule of the Natural Resources Commission. When the trails were being made, one of the members did not appear for the trials while Golder had sent a written statement."DNR is Stupid for banning baiting": Ted Nugent. 8 He exclaimed in the statement that the ban baiting and feeding should remain under the Natural Resources Commission. In addition to the report, he submitted that the food of these animals is the reasons behind the neurological diseases in the human body. However, Nugent, not agreeing with the statement of Golder, is not at all satisfied with the DNR review of peer-reviewed papers. He blasted over the DNR and NRC over the ban. He further added in his statement that either they are liars or they are stupid."DNR is Stupid for banning baiting": Ted Nugent. 9 While in controversial to the theory of banning the baiting, the rocker said that baiting is not at all needed by any of the hunters and that the option to use baiting is not at all accepted. It is all on the hunter whether to use a bait or not, and it must be banned in the country to get the things back into an idealistic situation. He, by himself, also has hunted animals down and without the use of baits.