Disney Teams Up With Boom Studios to Create Anthology Horror Series, Just Beyond

New art gets revealed, to show the different stories of horror

Disney has decided to change its formula a bit and produce more horror content. And with the Disney+ original show Just Beyond, they will be doing just that.

Walt Disney Studios has teamed up with Boom! Studios for the new horror anthology series. Boom! Studios have published a wide variety of comics, ranging from superheroes to disturbing horror. Even Keanu Reeves has teamed up with them to release his original story BRZRKR, which will soon get an anime and live-action for Netflix.

The art for each episode

Just Beyond
Boom Studios/Disney

The episode titles are “Leave Them Kids Alone”, “Parents Are From Mars, Kids Are From Venus”, “Which Witch?”, “My Monster”, “Unfiltered”, “We’ve Got Spirits, Yes We Do”, “Standing Up For Yourself”, and “The Treehouse”. Every episode gets its own cover. Episode 1 has lead character Veronica Vanderhall in her school uniform, being ambushed by a group of kids. The second has a game night held by the lead characters’ parents, who are believed to be aliens. The third is about two witches who cannot agree on how to handle their magical identities.

Episode 4 has the main character being haunted by a masked entity. Unfiltered, the fifth episode has the character appearing in different looks in different mediums. The sixth is about a haunted theatre filled with phantasms. Episode seven features a boy and his menacing bully Trevor, and the final episode, The Treehouse, shows it being struck by lightning.

Release date

Just Beyond
Boom Studios/Disney

The Just Beyond graphic novel comes from horror expert R. L. Stine, and began publishing in 2019. Stine had written four volumes till now, and the art for the first three volumes were done by Kelly and Nicole Matthews. And for the fourth volume, titled Just Beyond: Monstrosity, the art was done by Irene Flores, and came out recently. For the first season, eight episodes were ordered, and they all released on October 13.