Lovelyz is Officially Disbanded! 7 Out of 8 Group Members Quit Woollim Entertainment

Lovelyz Officially Disbanded, 7 of the group members leave Woollim Entertainment

Following months of deliberation and discussion, Lovelyz announces the news of their disbandment. According to a new report, seven of the Lovelyz band members will supposedly leave Woollim Entertainment ensuing the expiration of their contract. It was Woollim Entertainment’s first-ever girl band, which debuted in November 2014 with its album Girls’ Invasion. After a successful journey of over seven years, the group members have decided to go their separate ways.

Lovelyz First Album
Woollim Entertainment

Woollim Entertainment’s official statement

Earlier today, Woollim Entertainment published an official report regarding the expiration of their contract with the Lovelyz members on November 16, 2021.

The agency wrote in the official report that after much contemplation, seven out of eight Lovelyz members including, Lee Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Sujeong, Yoo Jiae, Seo Jisoo, and Jung Yein, have opted to arrange for new beginnings. They have also mentioned that they will respect and support the member’s decisions to start afresh. 

7 of the Lovelyz members leave Woollim Entertainment
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Further, Woollim Entertainment wrote that the faith built up in the agency over the years led Baby Soul to choose to continue working with them. In fact, the label promised to extend full support for the idol’s new works and promotions. In the end, the label expressed gratitude to all the band members who emerged successful as the Woollim Entertainment artists over the past seven years. They further extended their gratitude to all the fans for admiring and encouraging Lovelyz.

Lovelyz’s disbandment was not unexpected!

The news of the separation is not surprising as several members of the K-pop girl band have been quite vocal about their disappointment towards their agency in recent times. Not to forget the rumors of their disbandment constantly flying in the air over the past few months. Confirming the rumors, the official statement of their separation is finally here. The band members said goodbyes to fans through handwritten letters posted on their Twitter handles.