Did Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler tie the knot last year? Find out the details.

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler married? Many sources confirmed Hudgens and Butler had a “hush-hush” ceremony. Vanessa and Austin decided to jump right to the wedding, skipping engagement.

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The Hudgens ladies

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The couple thought they had spent enough time with each other, and they feel like now is the right time to transform this into something more official. They were not willing to make the ceremony grand, and want something small with just some close relatives and friends.

Hudgens wants to get married to a luau-style, and the location must be somewhere tropical and remote. Hence, her friends and close ones are busy making plans for and arrangements.

Other sources also revealed that the wedding was super romantic, and only a few closest friends and family members would be invited.

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My baby girl.

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But unfortunately, it never happened. Vanessa and Austin did not have a secret tropical wedding. After being together for more than eight years, the couple decided to split earlier this year. And speculation says this happened because of Jack Efron. Sources said that probably, Hudgens is never gonna get over Efron. But again, that is also not true. Austin and Vanessa spilled due to distance and conflicted schedules, and not because of Zac Efron.

In March 2017, Butler and Hudgens opened about how they are trying to make their long-distance relationship work. In an interview, Hudgens told people, ” communication is the key” for long-distance relationships. Finally, Zac and Vanessa are not back together. There are a lot of rumors running around the Austin-Vanessa-Zac triangle but, it is confirmed that Austin and Vanessa are not together anymore, and this is not due to Zac Efron.

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