Dave Season 2: When can We Expect to See Lil Dicky’s Return? Read Further to Find Out

What can we expect to see in the next season? Here’s what we know till now

Dave is a show that’s been airing on FX and streaming on Hulu as well. It’s a semi-autobiographical comedy about the Jewish-American rapper Lil Dicky and how he rose to fame and became a known name in the hip hop world.

Season 2 details

The show has indeed been renewed, as confirmed by the makers and it’s going to air in 2021.

There may not be many who’s familiar with the show. The show presents a fictionalised version of Lil Dicky’s (real name David Burd) life and how he kicked off his rap career in Los Angeles.

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Every episode is half-an-hour long, and is filled with Lil Dicky’s unique self depreciating humour. His own rapper name is self depreciating. We also get to see the opportunities he had got, and the hardships he had faced to get where he is. Dave shows how a rapper found fame first in the internet, then dealt with trolls, critics, and even his own insecurities.

Lil Dicky expressed his wish to have his own TV show back in 2017, and after three years he got his wish. He is even an executive producer on the show.

The following part contains minor spoilers so read it at your own discretion 

Season one ended at an important aspect of his life, and it happened to him in real life as well, back in 2015. After releasing his first album Professional Rapper apart from other music videos, Lil Dicky was invited as a guest on The Breakfast Club which is hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlemagne tha God.

We got to see Charlemagne acting in a hostile manner towards Lil Dicky, and Dicky had to pick humour out of his arsenal to calm the tension in the room. This made his audience love him more, and his fame rose further.