A Little Late, but Worth the Wait: Baki’s Third Season will be Premiering on Netflix very Soon

It’s time for fans to rejoice as the season has arrived sooner than we thought

Baki is an anime inspired from the manga series of the same name that debuted in 1991. It’s the story of Baki The Grappler, and is all about fighting, both in the ring and in the street.

It had aired before in 2002 before becoming a Netflix Original anime in 2018. Within no time, it collected a solid set of fans, both new and ones who had been following the manga and previous animes. The series was available around the world from December 2018.

New Season details

Source: Hype Beast

Let’s get the release date out first. Baki Season 3 will be available for streaming from June 4, 2018. But we are still unsure if the entire season will be available or if they would only release one episode a week.

The story is about Baki Hanma, who journeys around the world to polish his skill as a fighter, with the sole goal of overcoming his father and becoming the strongest martial artist in the world. News about him reaches the ears of five brutal inmates, who are facing death row. They had remained undefeated all their life and naturally found life boring. They decide to face off against Baki in hopes that he would defeat them.

Meanwhile Baki had come across several other martial artists and they decide to team up with him in a deadly tournament against the inmates as well as other fighters.

There’s more good news coming in the way for Baki fans. We will be getting to see a fourth season as well. We had 13 episodes each in seasons one and two, and the third and fourth seasons will be following the same path.