Black Panther: Shuri the Engineer of Wakanda is One of the Geniuses of MCU. Read the Character Review and what does her Fate hold in Marvel Comics

Although there are many nerds and intelligent characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe but this character is itself very special. Before the only brainiacs in MCU were Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. But with Black Panther coming we also got another genius Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister and princess of Wakanda. She is daughter of King T’Chaka and Queen Ramonda. Later when T’Chaka died, she guided his brother and helped him with various Vibranium technologies.

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Why Shuri is more than a princess of Wakanda?  

Shuri is responsible for designing and creating of all the technology for Wakanda. She is also the designer of her brother’s suit. This suit is made using Vibranium and is well crafted. Shortly after reclaiming Wakanda again, Shuri had bigger responsibilities waiting for her. She is also known for removing Hydra form Bucky Barnes’s (winter soldier) mind.

Two years later, Avengers during infinity war asked her to remove the mind stone from Vison’s head. In middle of all this she also faced the attacks of Corvus Glaive. He also destroyed her lab and defeated her. This is where her contribution for Avengers came to an end because shuri was among all those victims who were wiped out when Thanos snapped.

Later, when hulk snapped in 2023 he brought back all the victims and so Shuri also came back. Shuri is also the part of female Avengers squad.

So what currently Marvel is planning for the character of Shuri?

Recently Marvel released the comic book which centered on Shuri. The comic book is penned by Nic Stone who is award winnig author of New York Times.

So the story of comic book is obviously set in Wakanda. From ages The King of Wakanda akka Black Panther is gaining power from the juice of heart shaped herbs. These herbs are dying which is totally unreasonable. Everything depends on Shuri and therefore she has to travel from Wakanda in order to save her nation.