Cardi B on Trolls: It was’t a Joke but a miracle to have Yung Miami’s alive after shooting incident!!

Yung Miami, one of the members of the band City Girls, has become a victim of a drive-by shooting. Unfortunately, during the shooting, Yung Miami was pregnant. Fortunately, none of the shots had hurt her or her baby.

But not everyone takes this matter the way it should. A lot of internet rolls have been poking fun at the rapper and the incident. Nevertheless, Cardi B, who has collaborated with the band City Girls, has come to the rescue of Yung Miami. On 8th August, during an Instagram Live session, Cardi B said that the jokes on Yung Miami were inappropriate. The Invasion of Privacy spitter regarded that Yung Miami and her baby’s life would have been impacted negatively.

Image: Celebrity Insider

Cardi B said that it was a miracle that Yung Miami and her baby were safe even after her car was shot multiple times. Cardi B told everyone who was trolling and joking about the matter to shut the f**k up. Cardi B has hurled up a lot of other insults at the trolls.

Following the shooting incident, Yung Miami said that she was not okay and is desperately trying her best to remain positive about the matter. On Instagram, Yung Miami posted that all her pictures and captions would have been R.I.P and that she is not okay.

On Tuesday, law enforcement has received a call about a shooting that occurred near the Circle House Studios. Yung Miami, 25-year-old, has explained to the Miami- Dade police that the shots came from behind her red Mercedes SUV. Reportedly, Yung Miami had left the Circle House studio a few minutes before the shooting took place. Yung Miami said that she was unable to see them as they kept their lights out and that they started shooting from behind her.