Age is just a number: Leonardo and Sean enjoying holidays with their too much young girlfriends!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn were recently spotted spending a gala time with their respective girlfriends. Each of the girls is almost half the age of their boyfriends! Both the couples were on the same boat.

Leonardo Di Caprio with his girlfriend Camila Rebecca Morrone.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is a film producer, environmentalist and indeed, an actor. Winner of many prestigious awards, the noteworthy ones include the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Actor for his film ‘The Revenant.’ The ‘Titanic’ lead is presently 44 years of age. Camila Rebecca Morrone, aged 22, is an America actress and model. She is most popularly known to be the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio.The couple is dating since the end of 2017.

Sean Penn, (aged 58) the American director and actor, is popularly known for his film ‘Mystic River’ and the biopic’ Milk.’ He even marked these films by winning two Academy Awards, one for each. Apart from these, the actor is also known for his social works, especially after Hurricane Katrina (2005) and the Haiti Earthquake (2010). Leila George, aged 27, is an American-Australian actor who is popularly known to be the girlfriend of Sean Penn.

Leonardo enjoying the vacation with his girl, while Sean Penn jumps off in the waters with his girlfriend Leila George.

Leo and his girlfriend, Camila Morrone were seen riding a small boat to get through the waters, up to the yacht. Each wore a smile on their faces and were enjoying spending time with the other. On the ship, they could not be seen leaving each other’s hands for even a moment. Later on, the two enjoyed themselves in a hot tub. Sean Penn, on the other hand, went a bit adventurous yet romantic with his girlfriend, Leila George. The couple jumped off the yacht into the clear waters. The leap was taken in ‘Titanic’ style. Sean preferred going shirtless while his friend Leo kept on his shirt. Sean, who turns 59 this week, proved that age is just a number by diving into the waters from the yacht.