Bachelorette Hannah Brown apologizes after saying the N-Word on Instagram while singing the ni**a song.

“There is no excuse,” says the reality TV star

Hannah Brown came under fire for saying a racial slur during an Instagram Live session, and has issued an apology for her audience. The video has since been deleted.

The apology

It started when she repeatedly said the N-word while she was singing “Rockstar”, the hit song by DaBaby.

The incident occured in May and in a short statement on her Instagram story, the Bachelorette star admitted to what she had done and said that there is no excuse for what she had done and that she will not be justifying her actions. She spoke about reading the messages she received afterwards, and apologized for saying a word that is unacceptable, be it in private or public and promised to do better.

Brown said she didn’t realise the damage she was causing, obviously since it was a song, and said that she never used that word and never addressed anyone by that term. But since that didn’t calm people down, she said that people are going to think whatever they want and that she was very sorry for using it, and said that she said it without thinking twice.


People from the Bachelor Nation had also voiced their opinions on this matter, and one of them was Rachel Lindsay, who happened to be the only black lead in the show’s history. In her Instagram Live, she said that non-black people should not feel okay while saying that word, as it was a word that has a lot of weight and history behind it. The word had always been used to put black people in an inferior position, and every time a non-black person uses it, they are giving the word power.

(Cover: Hollywood Reporter)