‘Athleticon’, the newest venture of Dwayne Johnson to help people lead a healthier and happier life.

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson

A new venture, named, Athleticon, is being launched. The people behind this venture are Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia. The location for the event is set at Atlanta.Image result for Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia put muscle behind Athleticon Along, with his business partner Dany Garcia, Johnson has planned the ambitious event to commemorate athletics, wellness, and entertainment. The event which is set to occur during October is a joint venture involving three significant companies; The Garcia Companies, Seven Bucks Companies and IMG.

Dwayne and Dany, both are pretty much conscious about their physique. They are, what we call to be, ‘fitness freaks.’ In a recent interview, the CEO of The Garcia Companies, Dany Garcia defined ‘Athleticon’ as a “culmination” of her business partner, Johnson’s and her workout schedules, plans and ideas which were formed over the past many years.

According to Garcia and Johnson, ‘Athleticon’ will be a place where people will be introduced to the various and vast areas of fitness that would include interactive sessions, panel discussions, visual presentations of bodybuilding competitions held in the inner and the outer boundaries of the state. It will also have speakers and exhibitors that would interact and approach the visitors to resolve their various questions and belief regarding fitness and its related aspects.Image result for Dwayne Johnson Athleticon Garcia mentions that the venture of ‘Athleticon” is inspired by the experiences she and Johnson had had during San Diego Comic and CinemaCon. “Creating Athleticon is a natural extension of everything we do for our global audience who are connected to the people and brands that inspire them.” quoted Dwayne, to which Garcia added, “And to do it as entertaining as possible.”

The fitness freaks did plan a “cheat meal” surprise for the visitors at Athleticon, who will, otherwise, be served ‘healthier’ foods. This off-the-schedule meal plan is set for Sunday.