Are Lori Harvey and Future are Really Committed to Each Other?

They may be a new couple, but they are still one of the most-talked couples yet

The hip-hop world is already talking about Future and his new girlfriend, Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey. One reason could be their drama filled histories. We get to hear about future being in the news for some of the things he stirs up, but what did Harvey do? Well, Harvey was once rumoured to have dated her ex-boyfriend’s way, way older dad Sean “Diddy” Combs last year.

And future is notorious for having six children with five different women (the list includes Ciara), and currently he’s fighting legal battles with all the other baby mamas. Also, Harvey is 23 and Future is 36, so the age gap is also a topic of discussion.

Their History

Source: Instagram | Lori Harvey

The couple went public in 2020 and Harvey put stories of her and Future in her Instagram profile. There haven’t been any posts yet however. But they were spotted in public many times, and sources say their bond is strong.

Their romance started being speculated towards the end of 2019, when Harvey helped the rapper celebrate his birthday in November. Then they were spotted in Abu Dhabi in December. Afterwards Future started appearing in her stories and that confirmed the rumours. They decided to go public then, but they seem to have known each other for a long time.

Harvey recently shared a picture of a dog on her Instagram stories and said that it was a gift from Future. But then she revealed that he got it for her almost two years ago, so there’s definitely history. We can also see Future taking his time and doesn’t want Harvey to be added to the list of failed relationships.