F is for Family is all Set to Return to Netflix this Month with its Season 4. Find Out all the Details Below

Get ready for the fourth season to start streaming on Netflix this month

We are seeing a fair share of animated shows on Netflix and it looks like they’re investing just as much in animated shows as the live action ones.

After Bojack HorsemanF is for Family is the longest running Netflix Original animated show. Over the two years since it started airing, we got to see other originals such as Big Mouth, Disenchantment, Paradise PD, and Super Drags. 

Season 4 details

In season 3, we got to see Frank Murphy get back on his feet after lying home all the time. It introduced a new character called Chet, an old friend of Frank’s played by Vince Vaughn. Vaughn is also a producer on the show.

Source: Netflix


Season 4 was originally set to be released on May 15th but faced some delays and is now going to be released on June 12th, 2020. It was confirmed by Netflix. The show was renewed for its fourth season in January 2019, and the news came after Netflix cancelled Super Drags. 

What’s going to happen in season 4? First question that should be answered is about Philip who had been drawing demonic images most of the time he was shown. We are also waiting how Frank patches things with Sue after their turbulent relationship in season 3, which was mainly due to Chet. The biggest news for season 4 is the new Murphy baby that’s on the way, and how things are going to change once again in the household.

Creator Michael Price said that the time on the show is lapsing slowly, and that even if they did 8 or 9 shows, only two years would have passed in the show.