Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves finally together?……Rumor Continue

In just a short amount of time, Keanu Reeves has left a mark on just everybody. His success in the film John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum has been a remarkable one. Moreover, his stunning cameo in Wong’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ and an opportunity to join the Toy Story 4 cast had accelerated the actor’s rise in Hollywood. One of the most impressive marks of Keanu Reeves was being the center of this year’s E3 press event. With all these events going on, Keanu Reeves sure has big success ahead in the future.

Rumors have it that John Wick fame, Keanu Reeves is going to act in the upcoming Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ opposite to Angelina Jolie. While Marvel has taken aback its fans with its upcoming movies, fans are going to find it too hard to take in the news that Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves are dating!

A so-called source has said that Angelina Jolie had never been this excited about meeting a man since Brad Pitt, her ex-husband. She probably had a mutual friend set up a date for her and Keanu Reeves. The so-called source also mentioned that Angelina Jolie’s birthday was similar to a turning point in her life, and Angelina also felt that it is a good time to start a relationship.

The source continued that Keanu Reeves visits his mom frequently and is very close to her. Angelina Jolie lives in the neighborhood of Keanu mom’s and that how Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves actually met. The source mentioned that they both soon figured out that there was a lot common in between them and that the spark of attraction was definitely there.

To these sparking rumors, Keanu Reeves rep encountered that these rumors are completely fake and that there was no truth behind them. Keanu’s Rep even added that the Star is manufacturing lies to increase their sales and is truly for their financial benefit.