Reason behind Kelly McGillis left out from 1986 ‘Top Gun’ sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis reveals that she wasn’t asked to be a part of ‘Tom Gun: Maverick’

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ a sequel of 1986 blockbuster ‘Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise, was already a much anticipated 2020 movie. Thirty-six years after the original film which won several accolades, its sequel was being created with Tom Cruise still as one of the main characters, however, presence of the female protagonist was uncertain till Kelly McGillis revealed to a leading media house that she wasn’t asked to be a part of it.

Not A Part

Kelly McGillis portrayed the titular female role of an astrophysicist and Top gun instructor, Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, in the original 1986 movie, who was also the love interest of Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchelle, played by Tom Cruise. Fans of the film hoped to see the reunion of Maverick and Charlie back on screen after 3 decades, who received immense love in 1986, but to the utter dismay of fans, 62-year-old celebrated actress confirmed on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that she will not be a part of the movie as she wasn’t invited for it.

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When prodded further about her presence at the promotions, she pointed out lack of surety of the scenario, as firstly, it didn’t happen, secondly, she wouldn’t know what future holds for her; what would she be doing and where would she be. She also confessed that she hasn’t watched the trailer of the sequel either, Movies are odd things. I don’t really keep in touch with anybody”, but all her good wishes are with her former co-star, Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Connelly, who has joined the cast for sequel.

The Golden Globe nominated actress has settled in North Carolina, away from the limelight of Hollywood, aiming to attain some solace and sobriety in life with her family.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit the screens in June 2020.