“I Know This Much Is True”, really the Saddest Story Ever Made? A Review

An HBO series called “I Know This Much Is True”, the story of twins, Dominick and Thomas (the character was also played by Ruffalo in the series) who have had almost all the bad that could happen to anyone, setting standards for how bad things could be. The story shows how despite losing everything in life, including respect in the eyes of others, one can still rise and do great in life.

The twins didn’t succumb to the allegations that the world was pointing at them, rather, they decided to overcome the same and prove their real worth or their real side to get back the reputation that they had lost tragically.

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Thomas’s condition saddens Domibick added with the feelings of guilt and self-pity, which is natural to come at such circumstances. Dominick not only suffers from mental trauma over losing his close family members but also getting divorced from his wife. He was already ignited with the sorrow of not knowing who his biological father was and rather, getting an outrageous stepfather was not enough to make things worse off for the two. The series has a proper blend of a lower middle-class family and naturalism of the Northeast. 

What is the center of attraction to be seen in the series?

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The series revolves around the quest of Domino to check and find out who his real father is. In addition to these, he has the responsibility of getting Thomas out of the harsh, reckless and inhuman psychiatric prison, in the due course of which, he comes across the character played by the famous actress, Rosie O’Donnell and an observant and professional, yet helpless psychiatrist who is played by Archie Panjabi. They would be the center of attraction for the viewers who add on the essence of the series.