Where is Eddie Murphy now? Check out his career, achievements and net worth.

How much is the famous actor and comedian worth, as he’s one of Hollywood’s prized possessions?

Eddie Murphy is one of the biggest assets of Hollywood, right from the late 80s. He started his career as a comedian in Saturday Night Live before getting projects from Hollywood. His movies had always earned big bucks at the box offices, and the gross amount comes around $6.7 billion worldwide.


This makes him the sixth-highest grossing American actor. Since the 80s, he has remained as one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. He’s estimated to have earned over $300 million in salaries and backend royalties till now, and owns a lot of properties as well.

After establishing himself as an actor, comedian, producer, and director, he’s worth $200 million.

Netflix Deal

In 2019, it was reported by TMZ that Murphy was in negotiations with Netflix and might be securing a multimillion-dollar deal that allows him to create something that he has dreamed of. The deal is worth $70 million dollars.


Other comedians who had signed deals with Netflix in the past has walked away with huge paychecks. Dave Chappelle earned $60 million in 2017 for doing three of his stand-up specials, and Chris Rock received $40 million in 2018 for his two specials.

Murphy started his career with stand-up and went on to do movie deals, and since his career took off with movies such as Beverly Hills Cop, Dr. Dolittle, and the Shrek movies, he hasn’t been doing stand-up anymore. Hopefully we will get to see him return if the Netflix deal goes well.


Meanwhile, Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything about the deal. But some of Murphy’s movies and specials such as Eddie Murphy Delirious, Daddy Day Care, Mr. Church, as well as Jerry Seinfeld’s special Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is available.




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