Here are some facts on Alex Rodriguez that you probably didn’t know! Check out his net worth 2020 and more.

Get to know how much the former American professional baseball player is worth

Alex Rodriguez was a former professional baseball player who was associated with the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and most importantly, the New York Yankees. He was in the Yankees team from 2004 until he retired in 2017. From the revenue he earned as a player, and as a baseball analyst, his net worth is $350 million. In his career, he’s earned close to $475 million in salary, bonuses and endorsements.

Life and Career

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975 in Manhattan. His parents were of Dominican origin. He was introduced to baseball when the family settled in Miami, Florida. He used to play it everyday as a boy and soon became part of a Youth League baseball team.

He started earning recognition when he joined Westminster Christian School and played in the high school national championship in his junior year and was named USA Baseball’s Junior Player of the Year. He was known before he graduated and in 1993 became the first high school player ever to try out for the U.S. National Baseball team. And on July 8, 1994, at the age of 18, he started his baseball career.

For the next twenty years, he played for the three teams and won many championships, and owing to hip and knee injuries, he became a designated hitter, and played his last professional game in August 12, 2016. The next year, he officially retired.

He was married to Cynthia Scurtis from 2002 to 2008, before the couple got divorced. He had two children from that marriage. In 2017, he started dating Jennifer Lopez and the couple got engaged in 2019. Lopez’s net worth is $400 million, and together, the couple is worth $750 million.

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