The Academy Responds to Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock, Star Apologizes Over Social Media

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives their statement on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

This year’s Academy Awards will surely be remembered for ages to come. The moment where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the phase has appeared in thousands of news websites, and inspired a new age of memes.

It all began when Rock came to present the Best Documentary Feature category, and made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. He said he couldn’t wait to see her in G.I. Jane 2, referring to her shaved head, a result of her alopecia diagnosis. Smith got up to slap Rock, and then told Rock to “keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.”

The Academy’s Response

Will slaps Chris Rock
The Academy

The Academy has now given an official response to the events. In a brief statement in Twitter, they said that they do not condone violence of any form. They then added that they are delighted to celebrate the 94th Academy Award winners, who deserve their moment of recognition from all over the world.

However, in a later update, it is given that the Academy did condemn Smith’s actions. A formal review has began, and they will explore further action and consequences by keeping up with their Bylaws, Standards of Conduct, and California law. However, the Academy faced criticism for awarding Smith the Best Actor Oscar.

Will Smith’s Apology

Will Smith

Fans and celebrities have weighed in on the case, but most agree that Smith was in the wrong for slapping Rock. Rock said that he will not file a police report.

Smith has given a formal apology via Twitter and Instagram and said his behavior is ‘inexcusable’ and ‘unacceptable.’ He gave an apology to Chris as well.

We will wait and see how the Academy deals with this entire situation.