Sunggyu Teases His New Single “Savior” Under New Label

South Korean Band Infinite’s Member Kim Sung-kyu arriving with his new single

The South Korean singer Kim Sung-kyu also known by the name Sunggyu has teased his new single “Savior”. His new song is arriving soon in spring this year and has hinted about the new release in this week’s post. The upcoming single is coming up under his new label. But what’s the new song all about? Here’s all the update on the Sunggyu and his new release arriving this spring.

Sunggyu teases his new release through Twitter handle

Twitter/ Kim Sung-kyu

Excited fans of Infinite icon are no doubt eagerly waiting to have a new release from him after a wait of an year. As such it was on March 29th, KST that the new label of Sunggyu made an announcement about his new upcoming release. The announcement was however made on Twitter of Kim Sung-kyu too. While Woollim Entertainment had him for long. He left the agency Woollim Entertainment in March last year. Also, his last single with the same agency was the “Won’t Forget You”. However, his new single “Savior” is coming with the new agency Double H TNE. Not to miss, Double H TNE is the subsidiary of MLD Entertainment & NHN.

Savior releasing in April this year

Instagram/ Kim Sung-kyu

As both Double H TNE & Sunggyu had the announcement about the new single release of Infinite star. The post shared by them showed a white paper with the name of the single written on it as “Savior”. Also, it had a few lines of the lyrics written on it of the song arriving. The song is however going to be the 4th mini album of Sunggyu as it’s written on the post of Twitter as well. Also, as far as the date of the release of the song is concerned then it’s releasing on 22nd April this year.