Welcome To Derry: A Prequel Series Of It Film In Works With HBO Max

IT’s Pennywise To Return Soon

The 2017 film “It” had a horrifying character Pennywise, the murderer clown and we know its coming back. Well, long after the two hit movies It: Part One & It: Part Two, we have a new one arriving soon. It was one of the hit movies of its time. Hence this time the new story will take you behind as a prequel series Welcome To Derry has been announced of it. But what can you expect from it?

Here’s all you need to know about the It prequel series.

It prequel series Welcome To Derry in production

Welcome To Derry
Warner Bros

The horror film “It” was a massive hit at the box office and overall got a positive reaction from the audience. Owing to the success of the previous film, the prequel series Welcome To Derry is reported to be in the works and in production. The series is however in works with HBO Max.

Andy Muschietti who was behind the “It” films would be making his way back for the prequel series as the executive producer of the prequel. Joining him would be Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs. Fuchs is reported to be writing the script for the prequel.

Expected Storyline of prequel series

Warner Bros

Andy’s previous films had the town of Derry and Maine in the story of the horror film where the villain was Pennywise, the clown whom kids feared. The prequel series as such would be set around 1960 and will be showing the story of Derry. Further, Pennywise’s origin could be the central story of the series.

It would be set before the timeline of 2017 film “It”. Moreover, we’ll also see how & why the curse began haunting the town for 27 years. While the series is reported to be in production. We are yet to know who is to be cast in the series and when it’s likely to release. Not to miss, the series is going to be under Warner Bros Studios.