‘Mythbusters’ host and ‘Star Wars’ engineer Grant Imahara passes away at the age of 49! Check out for all details.

Imahara also worked behind the scenes for The Matrix sequels

Grant Imahara was an electrical engineer, and co-hosted the hit science show Mythbusters which aired on the Discovery Channel. He made his mark on Hollywood as well by operating robots on the Star Wars prequels and worked behind the scenes for other sci-fi movies. Mr. Imahara passed away on July 13th and the cause of death has reportedly been due to a brain aneurism.


His death was confirmed by Discovery Communications on Monday night. In a statement, Discovery said, “We are heartbroken to hear this sad news about Grant. He was an important part of out Discovery family and a really wonderful man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Celebrating his Life

Mr. Imahara hails from a Japanese-American family and was born in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in electrical engineering in 1993 and later worked as an animatronics engineer and model maker for Industrial Light & Magic, which specialised in creating special effects for movies and was founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas. His talent with electronics earned him a nickname of “electronics wizard” and helped him work for many of the top Hollywood movies.


He was the one operating R2 D2 in the Star Wars prequels, and had worked on Terminator: Rise of the Machines and The Lost World: Jurassic Park among others. He worked for the Energizer Battery ads and made a special circuit to work the Energizer Bunny’s arms and ears.

He was part of Mythbusters from 2005 to 2014 and always talked about how much of a pleasure it was to be part of it. He also worked as a consultant for Disney and created robot stunt doubles for them.


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