Days of our Lives: Melissa Reeves is NOT coming back? Check out all latest updates on the show.

Earlier, a false news had come saying the actress was fired so this will be to rectify that statement

We got news late last night saying Melissa Reeves has been fired from Days of Our Lives from a report by Yahoo! News that had been originally published by their partner website TV Line.

The report was that the actress had been fired due to the controversy she caused last month after liking some anti Black Lives Matter posts on social media.

A common error

In the report, there were two lead paragraphs of two different scenarios – one had Reeves making a statement about the situation and one that had her being fired and some were able to pinpoint that there had been some error.

Publications tend to prepare stories in advance so that they can immediately publish if the report confirms it, but an accident happened this time and it got published beforehand. TV Line owed up to their mistake this morning and apologized for the error.

Reeves had made big headlines and lost the support and admiration of many of her fans as well as co-stars for supporting anti Black Lives Matter statements, and people started speculating that it will only be a matter of time before she’s fired from Days of our Lives. The show had started airing from November 8, 1965 and is the second longest running daytime soap opera in American history.

Due to its story that focuses on romance, adventure, and family, it had enjoyed great success in it’s 54-year-long journey. And it looks like they won’t be letting go of Reeves for the time being either, but the show’s ratings can take a hit due to this factor.


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