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The Green lantern 2 is all set to arrive soon and the story is not what you expected! Read to know all the details of the new movie.

Fans of Green Lantern, It’s time to welcome your favourite Hal Jordan as in the upcoming series of comics “The Green Lantern”, The hero has been resurrected among side fellow Green Lanterns in the series.

With the resurrection, Hal is able to get an astonishing foot of power and also get strike by a terrible loss of his commanders in season 2. The comics are unpredictable, most of the fans seem to be baffled most of the time, as prediction is not something which really works here.

In the previous fights against the Blackstars, he was able to lose his teammates but also lose his abilities as giving up his fealty to the Blackstars which was something he was able to win back himself and was also able to save his fellow members in “The Green Lantern: Blackstars Miniseries”.

Yet, the directors have assured that there are going to be a lot of ups and downs as the story could change it’s the path when it will come to choose the Guardians of the Universe who are going to be the “Young Guardians” and with that most of the things are still unknown.

The writer has said that “The story is going to take a lot of ups and downs with subtle twists so don’t expect anything as it will only going to lead you towards more turmoil”.

Well, It seems the readers need to do everything according to the directors as things taking dark and abhorring twists with Hal Jordan isn’t quite a relief to the eyes and with the unpredictable movements of the story, lineups is not a comic for a small kid that’s for sure.

So, people keep your fingers crossed and make sure t wish for the best from “The Green Lantern”.

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