‘Lelouch Lamperouge’ from ‘Code Geass’ Stands Out for his Brilliance – A Review

The title character Lelouch Lamperouge of the series Code Geass is very brilliant and smart. In other words, we can say that he is a genius. From his childhood itself, Lelouch has exhibited an extreme level of intelligence, which surprised others.

Lelouch is born as the son of the Emperor of the nation of Britannia. His mother’s death and his father’s unconcern was a huge blow to him. He always had the feeling that his mother and his little sister Nunnally did not get what they deserved and always tried to pursue a better world for them.

After his mother was killed and his little sister was blinded and crippled, he and his little sister were sent to the nation of Japan as a hostage. Later he manages to escape from there.


He is granted a talent called a “Geass.” by a witch called CC, whom he meets on the battlefield. This talent allows him to have complete power over somebody; he gives a command to.  The command cannot be disobeyed by the person whom it is given to.  With this power, he manages to begin his revolution to bring down Britannia.

Lelouch was always ready to work hard, and his natural brilliance, combined with hard work, always helped him achieve great heights. With these qualities, he managed to attain control of the world from Britannia.

The most major thing that you have to notice about this character is that Lelouch is torn in many means.  The reason why he is trying to destroy Britannia is to make a better world for his little sister.

If we are looking into his personal relationships, we find it very interesting. He hates his father bitterly and loves his little sister extremely. He hates the nation of Britannia, but he loves some of the members over there. Lelouch had many bitter experiences in his life, which helps him to be more strong.