It seems that Bojack Horseman is all set to be back for season 7. Let’s try to dig a little deeper.

Bojack is going to be back very soon as Netflix has renewed for the 7th season. It seems that the adult animated series was able to hit the bull’s eye with its plot and the weird characters it has.

“Bojack Horseman,” The series at first received mixed reviews but with time gone by the series was able to gain a lot of attention as the show focuses more on real-life problems like sexuality, trauma, anxiety, and many more.

The latest season was released on 31st Jan 2020, which follows the life of Bojack and the other characters and how they face their challenges on their own in a humorous way.

In the season, Bojack is now a professor for Wesleyan College and teaching acting with Hollyhock his student there, and with that, it also gave us the insights about the other characters who are also a part of the show which includes Princess Carolyn, Daine, Mr. Peanutbutter, Pickles and Todd and many more.

The story is set up around a world where humans and animals live together in the same society as equal members of the same group. There is no official date of release for the upcoming season, but it seems that the show is heading towards its end.

As the previous season was almost completing everything, but there are still certain issues that still need to be resolved, and with that, it looks like that we are standing at the dead-end of the show, and with that, there is still a big question left unanswered.

And that is, the cast, The creators of the show haven’t confirmed the statement, but it seems that the cast is about to remain the same and there could be a few additions in the cast, but that’s for later. For now, Let’s just wait!