“Anne with an E”, Is there going to be any season 4 or the show is just doom. Try to dig a bit deeper.

People are eagerly waiting for the 4th season of “Anne with an E” and it seems that the show is going to be shut down pretty soon and they may don’t have a season 4. Let’s try to dig a little bit deeper.

At present, the show is going cancelled as the reasons for the cancellation was a very low amount of viewers it was attracting and the age group of around 24-56 were considered to be the fans. The show is not even gaining popularity on twitter either.

Well, that was the 1st reason, It seems that the contract between CWC and Netflix has ended. The show was basically governed by the Canadian Network and was on the globe by Netflix but now it looks like CWC wants everything.

CWC has stated that the program was not that good to have a season 4, so there is no way there is going to happen any, and it would have been possible for Netflix to take over the show but it looks like the show is unable to gather it’s viewers.

The show is definitely going to leave a lot of mysteries and is adapted from “Anne of Green Gables” the show is iconic and without the cast and everything which is going around is great but it’s just not able to go along with the pace of other series which are ongoing on Netflix.

So, It’s a disappointment but it looks like that there is not going to be a season 4 for the show and the long time of wait is just not there but the good news is that there could possibly be a movie and we can say that it’s not all bad.