The ever growing fanbase of anime – What makes this Japanese artform so unique?

Check out the different genres and interesting characters there are in anime

Who knew Japanese cartoons would get this popular around the world? Over there, they use “anime” for any sort of animation, but over here, we have made it into a class of its own. The main reason for anime to blow up so much is because it gets to explore themes that would be difficult to achieve in live action. But we have been getting some good CGI from Hollywood for around 20 years now. Then why anime still? Of course the budget is less, but the other reason is that we can get a story about pretty much anything. Things that are too weird on paper.

Valuable lessons among weirdness


From my experience, they first attract you with their beautiful art, and if the story good, you can get fully invested within two episodes, and soon enough they start teaching us hard-hitting lessons and gut-wrenching scenarios you won’t expect to see in animations.

But the biggest and most purest lessons they teach would have to be kindness and compassion. It teaches us slowly and steadily why certain people behave the way they do (due to the large number, we come across pretty much every type of character) and lets us take a moment to observe them instead of casting them aside.

People call it childish, and I’ll have to agree with them there. It is. But it’s the most emotional kind of childish you can expect. There might be many of us who have cried more while watching a Disney or Pixar movie than a live action. Anime has a similar effect, but perhaps on a bigger scale. It teaches us the value of friendship, the fact that absolute power won’t get us what we want, and insecurities can still get us down, and a hundred other things.

If you are looking to get into it, start with A Silent Voice. If it brings out all the emotions within you, then you have the answer.