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Julianne Hough opened up about her SEXUALITY! Husband, Brooks Laich’s reaction was priceless and perfect example of unconditional love.

Julianne Hough | Dancer | Actress Dancing with the stars | America's got talent

America’s Got Talent star judge recently opened up about her sexuality.

The American dancer, Julianne Hough, who shot to fame as a dancer with the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, reveals that she is not straight. She made this revelation about herself in the September issue of Women’s Health Magazine.

In a profile for the magazine, the 31-year-old Emmy award winner, talking about her transformation says that it was difficult for her at first to open up to her husband, Brooks Laich, an ice hockey player. She always wondered if he would love that version of her. She was connecting to the woman inside her that doesn’t need anything versus the girl that looked to him to protect her. But to her pleasant surprise, the more she revealed her true self to him, the more attracted he felt to her. The couple, who have been married for 2 years now, shares even a more intimate relationship after this acknowledgment from her.

Julianne Hough | Brooks Laich | Couple | Credit: Instagram

Recalling the exact interaction with her husband, she details about telling him point-blank that she isn’t straight, which had thrown him off guard for a moment, but he has been supportive since then. She further adds up about affirming and assuring to him that she is not, but she chooses to be with him.

Elaborating on the dynamics with Laich, there is a safety with him now that she is unpacking all of this. There is no fear of voicing out things that she had always been afraid to admit, or had shame or guilt about what she has been told or how she was raised, she said. Reposting, her post on Instagram, Laich had praised her for her courage.

Julianne has shown her bold self in this edition with a nude photoshoot for the magazine and empowering revelation of embracing who she is.