The Hathras Rape Case LATEST UPDATES: the case Has Shocked The Whole Nation And People Are Protesting For Justice! But what is the actual truth?

It seems like another spine chilling case of gang rape has shocked the whole country and now the family if the victim is demanding justice for their daughter who lost her life while succumbing to the injuries.

The Whole Nation Is Shocked With The Horrifying Hathras Rape Case!

The whole country is shocked when the news of a nineteen-year-old girl from Hathras was raped and then brutally tortured to such an extent that she could not survive and passed away. This incident has turned into a nationwide protest with people easing their voices and demanding justice for the victim and severe punishment against the four accused men.

The state government is under pressure after the police department is facing severe allegations of cremating the victim’s body while her family was locked up. This has led to a huge public outrage with people gathering around the police station and demanding justice.

The Case Has Resulted In Huge Public Outrage!

With the allegation of big political leaders manipulating the process, the state government had ordered a narco-analysis polygraph test. This decision had to be taken after the report of the autopsy conducted by the state government contradicted the allegations of rape.

Now, the whole incident has gained national attention and people are once again compelled to think about women’s plight and how this case might have some more issues that might be discovered with time. Moreover, with the family mourning the death of their daughter , the nation is shocked to see another horrifying rape case putting humanity to shame. Now all we want is justice for the innocent victim , while the state government is taking action, there is severe unrest amongst people.