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Get Into The Halloween Spirit With These Must Watch Spooky Movies streaming on Netflix, Zulu and HBO max this month!

With everyone preparing themselves for the Halloween spirits, how is the festival complete without binge-watching some all-time favorite horror movies to experience the spook factor once again! Here’s some of the horror movies that will give you the Halloween feels even in this quarantine period! However, we are here with a list of some unconventional horror movies which have given the genre a rather interesting twist. Take a look at some of these names.

These Are Some Of The Movies For Halloween Season!

1. Conjuring: Your spook fest is not going to be complete without the Conjuring movie franchise. Be it a spooky doll or a haunted house, this first film has it all and you surely cannot miss it at any cost.

2. Bird Box:  This is one of the most talked-about unconventional horror movies that you can watch on Netflix. Starring Sandra Bullock, the movie will keep you hooked till the very end, and the plot is pretty spooky and eerie.

3. Get Out: You can watch this extremely horrific yet unconventional movie if you are looking for something out of the box. The movie received an overwhelming response from fans and we are sure that you are going to love the movie that will keep hooked till the end.

4. A Quiet Place: This John Krasinski starrer movie is streaming on Hulu and is so perfect in so many ways that this might be the best movie to binge-watch for Haloween this year!

5. The Witch : This movie brings home a starry set in England with a family who are forced to live at a desolate place and soon are subjected to eerie paranormal activities. The story has a rustic setting with a story that will send shiver down your spine!

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