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Victoria Season 4: It might be coming really soon for the fans! Check out all latest updates including release date, cast, plot and more.

The show has enjoyed great success but there is much left to be told

Written by Daisy Goodwin, Victoria is a period drama that tells the story of Queen Victoria as she reigned over the British Empire. Season one premiered in 2016 and was greatly received by the audience and critics for its historical accuracy and beautiful performances. The fanbase is ever growing as it is the right blend of a soap opera and historical drama. This leads us to the next question: will it return for its fourth season?

Statement by the production staff

Season 3 of Victoria released on January 13, 2019, on PBS. No official announcements were given since then, but based on statements by the cast and crew, it seems like the show is very much happening. Before season four premiered, the cast and crew had a few press junkets and writer Daisy Goodwin stated that she was already working on the script for the fourth season, and called it an “an absolute humdinger.”

Goodwin also gave out a big spoiler saying that someone might even die in the upcoming season. According to her, this will be the darkest season of the whole series. In season 3, we saw the Chartist movement which forced Victoria to head for Cornwall, and the rift happening in her marriage. In season 4, we will be seeing the events following the Great Exhibition and will be moving on to the year 1851. This season will show the dark moments during Queen Victoria’s reign and as mentioned, a pivotal member will be dying. Goodwin also mentioned a new character and assured fans that the story still has a long way to go. Due to the delays that’s been caused by Covid-19, we can expect the show sometime in 2021.